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Our Fall Pillow Launch is Here!

Fall is officially here, and we are fully embracing the warm, earthy tones of the season in our latest MND pillow collection! If you're looking for a fall refresh, or want to add a few more MND pillows to your collection, have a look and enjoy!

Frequently, our featured pillow fabrics are based on what projects we're working on, because we're already sourcing fabric for those projects. When we find fabrics that will work pretty well universally, we source for the project, as well as for the pillow line.

Our first collection featured a lot of blues and lighter colors, so we wanted to feature some darker brown tones, more textural and patterned options, and some new florals this time around. The ruffle edged pillows are not part of the MND collection, but from one of our wonderful vendors. We don't have them on the site because they were purchased for a client, but we're in love with them and might add some more to the site!

Here's a quick snapshot of some of the pillows we have listed - click here to peruse for yourself. We have a small collection of pillows that we are discontinuing as well, and are marked down to 50% off, which is such a steal!

Our pillows are still double sided, meaning they have the same fabric on the front and back. So many other pillow lines are linen-backed, and we love that extra layer of detail and peek of pattern from behind.

Are there any pillow prints or colors you would want to see in our next collection? Let us know what you have been shopping for and what has been hard to find - you never know what will end up in the next collection!



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