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My Favorite Artwork Sources

I have always thought of artwork as the statement jewelry or killer shoes of a home - it's that last finishing touch that really completes a space! I know there's a few of you out there that have tried shopping for furniture, only to have it delivered and "fill the room," but still have the room feel incomplete or empty. This is why I take art sourcing so seriously - a room just doesn't feel right if artwork isn't incorporated.

One thing to note here about art sourcing for my design clients - larger pieces that are custom made for large walls are incorporated into the design phase for a client project. However, smaller prints on bookshelves, in bathrooms, or in laundry rooms are brought in during the install phase and chosen in the moment based on the final space. At that point, we have spent so much time with the client working on the project that art sourcing is an intuitive process based on the client's preferences and loves.

If you're looking for a few great pieces for a bare area in your home, have a look at my favorite sources below for originals and paper or digital prints! These are also all women-owned small businesses, so please be mindful of where you get your artwork and who you can support for a little beauty in your home.

Soft landscapes and black and white drawings are my favorite categories with Collection Prints. They go up to 30"x40" prints for less than $100 - which is basically unheard of for an original piece of that size. If you want to make it look more custom, think about buying the digital print, printing it on canvas, and making a floating frame around the canvas. We're lucky to have Brian available for our big DIY ideas! Maybe we should do a tutorial? What do you think?

If you're a big fan of vintage art like we are, Vintage Supply has great options for digital and print artwork, in multiple sizes. This type of artwork is very popular, but we think vintage art has always been in style because it makes homes feel charming, lived in, and comfortable.

These ladies have such a range of artwork to choose from - kids prints, abstract art, vintage prints, and photography. These are digital downloads only, but there are recommendations for which sizes make sense to print per each piece. Very versatile and great for a lower cost gallery wall collection. We just used a few of these in a beach house in Carpinteria!

We absolutely looove Esther's prints - there is so much texture to her art, and incredible detail. Her digital art prints are made on lightly textured cotton paper, and usually come in an 8"x10" size. Of course I'm partial to the floral prints, but these look spectacular as a grouping or even a small set of 3 in a small hallway or a bathroom.

Another floral master is Kelly Ventura! Her watercolor combinations are so vibrant and easy - they instantly give a relaxed, joyful vibe to any room. These prints also go up to 40"x60" for less than $300 - and they look incredible in person. Can't go wrong with any of her pieces! I'm keeping an eye on her original prints too... one day I will have one in my home!

I really love this shop's nature prints and photography, especially in larger sizes. Large artwork makes such an impact, and fills a wall much faster than a bunch of different prints. If you're more of a minimalist, these pieces at the largest size are my go-to recommendation.

And then we have several to the trade vendors that we source from too, to round out our selections. Art work does not have to be expensive to make an impact. Sure, originals can be so awesome to have, but sometimes it's just not an option, and we can continue to support artists and makers by purchasing their prints too!

Do you have a favorite type of artwork that you would love to see in your home? Send over a message through our contact form and let's start curating!



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