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Maui Recap And Recommendations

We are back from our week in paradise, and I'm so glad we had the chance to be quiet, focus on each other, and not have to do anything but sit on the beach! If you're hoping to adventure out to Hawaii, or wanting a visual vacation for a few minutes, have a scroll through to see the sights of beautiful Maui!

Luckily, these are the faces of two people who actually made it to their destination WITH their bags - a nice change of pace from last year :)

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Kea Lani

We stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani on this trip, which is being remodeled, so all of the suites and part of the exterior have been updated. They were just closing down the lobby as we left to start on that part of the remodel. With that view, I'll take it any way I can get!

I caught this gem on our walk to the beach from our room - yes please!

The grounds are absolutely beautiful, and they've done a great job with the remodel so far.

We spent many an hour in the pool...

We also did a really cool sunset sail with Sail Maui on the 4th of July. They sailed from Lahaina up the coast, and then we stayed on the sail boat in the harbor to watch fireworks. The fireworks were shot off a barge in the harbor, and it was such a cool experience with the fireworks all reflecting off the water. Such a fun group of people on the sail too!

Why not sneak in an ATV ride while we're at it?! There hasn't been much rain prior to our tour, so we were absolutely covered in dirt by the end - we still had red dust coming off us even after 3 showers! Maui Off Road Adventures were great to work with, and we were able to plant a tree during the ATV adventure to help with reforestation too. Most of the area we rode through was used to harvest pineapples in the past, but it left a watershed preserve that we drove through struggling with high impact from that agricultural development and deforestation. It was cool to know that we helped a small bit with the efforts to restore it over the coming decades.

Restaurant Recommendations

Mama’s Fish House is worth the hype - so so so good! The pretty sunset/evening image above with palm trees and tiki torches is the property at the restaurant. You have to make the reservation 4-6 MONTHS in advance, but it's totally worth your while!

Three’s in Kihei is casual but all really good food, and a great happy hour. One of the guides on our sailing trip actually recommended it for a more local spot (although tourists definitely know about it too) and it was great.

Miso Phat Sushi — one of Brian’s coworkers told him about it, and being the sushi lover that he is, we had to go. I have a less distinguished sushi palette, but it was really good! There was a decent wait though, because it’s a pretty small little shop.



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