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How to Pair Statement Chairs + Side Tables

Fresh off our trip to High Point last week, we are obsessed with the statement chair and all the possibilities there are to use them in our projects! Statement chairs and side tables make great additions to living rooms, bonus rooms, dead corners of spaces that could use a seat, and under windows that have room for a pair of chairs with a table between them. Scroll through for 12 different ideas of pairings, and our top tips for choosing chairs and side tables that will look great together every time!

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Pay attention to side table and arm heights

Our rule of thumb is to make sure your side table isn't taller than your chair's arm height. Don't believe photos - always double check the measurements to make sure the chair and table make sense together!

Play with contrast in shape

If you want an interesting pairing, play with contrast in shapes for both the chairs and the side tables. For example, a lot of our featured chairs above have thinner legs and look visually lighter than the side tables chosen. These tables are also round and have solid bases to juxtapose against the lighter nature of the chairs.

Choose The right table for its use

Consider whether you need a side table to be free of clutter for your use, or if you need enough space to have a lamp live permanently on top. Sometimes you need just enough space to set a drink down. In other cases, you need a place to set a book down and have a reading lamp. And sometimes you might leave a plant there and not need a table at all!

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Which pairing is your favorite? We can't wait to start specifying some of the chairs we found at High Point last week, so let us know which one you'd be happy to add to your home!



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