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A Love Letter To My Mom

Since we just celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend, I wanted to take this week to write something of a love letter to one of the most important women in my life, my amazing mom Debbi. Not only did she raise three kids on her own, but she is also so giving, gracious, resourceful, and truly the most selfless person I have ever known.

She was always so fair… from counting jellybeans in Easter baskets to make sure we all had the same amount, to making my brother go and sit down in the water at the beach because he splashed me when I didn’t want to be wet. I always found her parenting methods to be perfectly just haha!

When we were younger, she owned and operated a daycare company. She started working at Princess Cruises once my oldest brother could drive and help get me and my other brother to school. The vacation perks were great, and we got to go on several different cruises, after not really vacationing prior to that. Most recently, she has been an executive secretary, planning business trips and scheduling all of the companies' meetings + calls.

I know she's so proud of her three kids, who all now have their own businesses, but we truly could not have gotten to this point without her. Of course she’s my mom and will tell me that I can do anything I set my mind to, but I think she truly believes that.

She just inspires confidence all the time, and I truly cannot even begin to repay her for her sacrifice, love, and support over the years.

Which leads to a big announcement! As of this week, she is now officially part of the Madison Nicole Design team!! She will be helping to start our pillow shop (low key announcement right there), as well as managing inventory, planning market trips + any travel related plans, and getting us ready to launch an online shop (oh and another -- I'm such a surprise spoiler)!!

Shopping at Las Vegas market (she’s a wonderful market buddy!)

Once again, she's right here to push my dreams forward and make this vision a bigger reality than I ever really thought possible. Thank you for all you are and all you do for me, my brothers, and all of your grandchildren (including our pups!) Love you to the moon and back, and I'm so excited to see you take on this new challenge!



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