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Our pillow collection is officially live!

I can't lie - reading that title makes me tear up, because a dream has finally come true! When I ventured out on my own with my business years ago, I dreamed that I would have my own product line or a small retail store one day. As I started working with more and more clients, finding quality pillows with designer fabric that wouldn't take months to make (or cost more than some furniture pieces) became tougher and tougher. As our team has grown, and more clients needed beautiful pillows, the dream became more feasible and necessary for the business. Over the past 12 months, we've worked tirelessly to source hand-stamped designer textiles, and create meticulously hand-sewn covers in THIRTY different colors, patterns, and textures! Fabrics you can truly live with, variety, and coordinating colors and patterns became the guide posts for the entire collection , and we're so excited to be able to finally share them all with you today! So what sets our pillows apart from all the other pillows out there? Our pillows are all double sided Yes, double-sided pillows cost a bit more, but they provide a much more polished, finished look than solid colored, linen-backed pillows. From every angle, you'll see the same fabric, and that's a little detail that completely elevates the entire look of a space. Designer curated textiles We are designers, and we care about how things look. We’ve spent hours sourcing and curating a beautiful selection of textiles with different patterns, scales, and textures that work together beautifully. When you purchase from us, you can do so confidently, knowing that you’ve already received a stamp of approval from an interior designer! Serged Edges We serge the edges of our pillows to prevent fraying strings - because we know how annoying that is. It's just that one extra step to improve the overall durability of our pillow covers. Thought in the details All of our pillows have hidden zippers, because the zippers aren't the start of the show. Each pillow is sewn in a way that conceals the zipper as best as possible. Then we finish it off with a hand-stamped brass zipper pulls that add just a little extra touch of luxury.
Have a look at our collection and get inspired to style them in your home, your way!
I have to thank the team involved behind the scenes to make this come true - I wouldn't be here without any of you, so thank you so much for dreaming big with me! We'll be over here toasting to this big accomplishment, so put your feet up and enjoy 15% OFF until this Friday, September 3, on any orders made through the shop! We promise we will be squealing and doing a happy dance with every order that comes in! Use the code ' PILLOWPLEASE' to get your new pillow set, and thank you again for being here. And be sure to tag us #MNDPillows to show us how you've styled your new pillows - we can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your home!

Our pillow collection is officially live!
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