Phase 05 of the design process

Finally, the phase that makes all of it worth it - installation!! This is the most rewarding part of the entire process for everyone! Sometimes it takes a day and sometimes it’s a week, but seeing our vision turn into reality is truly magical, both for our team and for the client. About a month before the big installation, we coordinate a separate lighting delivery to take place so the contractor can install all of the lighting before construction is officially complete. We also do this with draperies, if our timelines all coincide, so we can get that taken care of before the furniture comes in. First things first, we always insist you stay somewhere else through the duration of the install. Of course we want to keep it a surprise, but it truly is safer to be away while big heavy pieces are being moved around in your home. There are so many moving pieces and so many different teams of people involved, so the fewer people in the home the more efficient we can be. Just think - would you want someone watching you get ready for a big party, or just walk into a beautifully decorated space with delicious aromas and you wearing your non-sweaty party dress? The day of install, I am on site along with at least one design assistant to direct our installers and make sure everything gets to the right place. To help them throughout the house, we print off floor plans and design boards and tape them outside of each space, just in case we're not in earshot when they pass by. We work with the best guys, and they deserve so much praise for carefully placing every item that you have invested in, patiently waiting for me to hem and haw about whether the rug needs to be moved over an inch or not, working through sometimes crazy + hectic environments, and doing it all with a great attitude. Seriously, couldn't make this phase happen without our excellent install team. Together with our team of experienced installers, we move and assemble all of your furnishings, put felt pads on every chair and sofa leg, place your rugs, install artwork and draperies if we haven't been able to do it before, and finish off the space with perfect styling and unique decor. We typically have a dedicated art installer on site as well, making sure that all your artwork, mirrors, and other wall decor is securely and perfectly hung. You won’t have to lift a finger and you’ll never see a single cardboard box (as long as you promise not to come home early)! All of the trash created when we unbox everything goes back with the installers... I told you... they're the true heroes! When the work is done, we welcome you back into your beautiful new home with a bottle of wine and cheers to the new space! And that is a wrap on our series walking you through all 5 phases of the design process with us - I've linked them below just in case you might have missed out. What do you want to see next? Phase 1 - Discovery Phase 2 - Design Vision Phase 3 - Design Development Phase 4 - Construction + Furniture Orders

Hi, I'm Madi!

When I'm not designing beautiful homes, I am at home in Ventura with my husband and three dogs. You will find me biking along the ocean, kayaking in the harbor, or looking for the best local tacos. 



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