Moving Tips from a Designer

I already miss this living room! We are DEEP in the moving process right at this moment, and I know a lot of you made or are making big moves in this new year, so I thought I'd let you into the chaos that is a home in moving mode. To be fair, Brian and my mom have done so so much for this and every move. I actually thought about it today, and I am just shy of 20 moves in my entire life! So I'd like to think we're good at this, but it's always stressful, and you just seem to master one thing more each time. If you're dreading having to pack everything up and start the process, here are my big tips to ease yourself into your new space and tie up loose ends with your former home! CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND UTILITY COMPANIES Make sure you notify the post office of your address change, and call your water, gas, electric, trash, internet, and TV providers to make sure they will transfer service to your new home on the right timeline. And once you start receiving mail at the new house, you have a chance to evaluate any subscription that does get transferred and assess whether you really need to continue paying for it. If you can catch this before your move, good on you, but there's a lot going on - you can definitely decide to cancel that wine club subscription later (or not!) LABELS ARE YOUR FRIEND These labels will completely change your life, I promise. These room specific labels keep you organized and the movers organized as they're unloading your boxes into your new home. Always make sure you use the stickers on the side of the boxes so you can always see them once they get stacked. This is similar to how I run installs with the delivery drivers, and it hasn't failed me yet! GET EXTRA SUPPLIES + RESELL ON FB MARKETPLACE Name brand heavy duty packing tape and Home Depot boxes are a must for our moves. You never want a box giving way because you didn't splurge for the good tape - I promise it's not pretty. Since we are moving into a temporary rental until we find our next home, we will most likely store the boxes broken down in the garage until we move again. Normally, we list the boxes and extra tape on FB Marketplace and a moving family nearby has always taken us up on the offer! PACK ACCESSORIES + EXTRA ROOMS FIRST Packing up a home definitely works the best in exact opposite order of installing a home - we pack up all accessories and shelf decor first. That way you know you have enough bubble wrap and padding at the beginning of the process, instead of days in when you're exhausted. Then we tackle the extra rooms like the guest room and closets so we can still use the main areas until the movers show up. SET ASIDE A SUITCASE FOR THE FIRST NIGHT IN THE NEW HOUSE I can't tell you how many times I think to myself that I should set aside bedding during a move. But every time, we end up packing the bedding in a box that gets buried in the pile in the garage, and we spend far too long looking for it before we can go to bed that first night. Not this time!! I'm packing a suitcase specifically with freshly washed sheets and bedding, clothes for us, and all the toiletries so we can go to bed as fast as possible that night. I hope these tips help you, or even someone you know going through a big move! I really should get back to helping Brian and mom, but if you have questions, I may sneak off and answer them in between box labeling!

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When I'm not designing beautiful homes, I am at home in Ventura with my husband and three dogs. You will find me biking along the ocean, kayaking in the harbor, or looking for the best local tacos. 



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