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Vista Del Campo Reveal Part 04

Today it's time to take you into this family's incredible home school classroom and the kids' bedrooms! If you missed the first three posts featuring the entry, living room, pantry, and kitchen, the family room and dining room, as well as the primary suite, take a minute and check those out first to see how these spaces utilize color and layout to make the most efficient use of the rooms!

The girls' bedroom was previously the home office prior to the clients moving in, with this large built in bookcase and ensuite bathroom.

These two girls are so sweet, and we needed to make their room just as sweet to match! The built-in bookcase was removed to make way for this custom channeled headboard that extends the full length of the wall. This pink mauve velvet is just scrumptious! It's not a large room, so one single headboard made everything feel a little less cramped and more spacious.

We brought all of the colors in the room together with these prints of the coast, patterned pillows from our MND pillow line, and this beautiful rug with its navy and blush tones.

We have to have a woven element somewhere here at MND! The rattan footboards add that hint of texture, and play beautifully with the hanging chair in the corner that you see below.

We love the way the tones of the bedroom carry through to their connected bathroom. The bathroom used to connect to what is now the school room, but we closed up the doorway to allow some more privacy for the girls.

And please hold for this GORGEOUS wallpaper! The print is so feminine, beautiful, and dynamic, and all of us fell in love with it!

We used Benjamin Moore Woodland Green for the vanity, and it perfectly pulls that lighter color out of the wallpaper. We also planned a vanity seat, which allows for plenty of countertop space. And if anyone grew up sharing a bathroom with sisters, you know space is at a premium!

The boys' room was a bit more complicated. We needed bed space for three boys, storage for all of them, and plenty of floor space for playing.

This room is a decent size, but we had a lot of elements we were trying to fit in...

So we designed these gorgeous bunk beds!! We removed the thin soffit all around the room to give us those extra inches, and designed these custom rift sawn white oak bunks on either side of the smaller window we installed. The space between the bunks also allowed us to build in a nine drawer dresser, three drawers for each of them. We went with integrated hardware so there were no head bonks during those wrestling matches that are sure to happen.

The fourth bunk will stay open for the occasional visiting friend as well!

The entry allows for this tall black dresser too! You can see each bunk bed also has shelving behind the pillows, so each of them has ready to reach storage.

I really love these brass, almost porthole looking, wall sconces too!

We used the same integrated pull detail on the vanity as we used on the built in dresser, in the same rift sawn white oak. I'll share a special little secret -- we love Rubio Monocoat White 5% as our finish for white oak. It's our go to!

For the back wall, we used Benjamin Moore Alligator Alley with horizontal tongue and groove paneling. We also continued the small nods to ship life with these rope hung mirrors as well.

This bedroom has great light from the sliding doors into the backyard, so we knew that this would be a great place to set up their home schooling classroom! We loved the connection to outside, and to the adjacent pool house.

We used Benjamin Moore Stonybrook for all of the built-in cabinetry and the walls, and added these fun striped curtains for some pattern in the room.

We replaced the closet wall with double bookcase shelves in the same rift sawn white oak we used in other spaces. Plenty of room for all five kids to store their books!

In addition to the four seats around the round pedestal table, we also created two computer stations for digital work with the kids. We used white oak tambour as the backdrop to the computers to warm up the space as well!

We wanted to make sure each kid had their own dedicated cubby to keep their things organized, and there was plenty of storage so they learn where things belong at the end of each day. This space being dedicated to schoolwork means that they won't have use the dining table, and can theoretically close the door if there's a mess that can wait for another day.

What was your favorite space for the kiddos? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for even more spaces in the coming weeks!



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