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The New Office Reveal

We're not quite finished with the entire office, but why not share our progress for the portion that is done?! Our workstations and the front half of the office are now fully furnished, and we're so excited to share it with all of you! A big thank you is due to our friends at Public 311 for these great photos as well.

Here's a look at our first office - all 350 square feet of it! We took a big leap moving into a new space measuring 2300 square feet, but that meant room for us to grow as a team, room for inventory for our online shop and decor items for installs, and a curated furniture collection for clients to see in person (and maybe the general public at some point).

We had only been in this space for just over a year, so it was important to us to reuse as much as possible in the new office.

The green cabinets that we used primarily for flooring and upholstery samples worked really well for us, and we brought those over for one side of the office. The furniture we chose are all representative of vendors we frequently work with, in finishes we are fond of as well. Being able to see these finishes in person, and actually sit on the actual cushions a client might order, were important factors to consider for each choice in this office.

We now have a comfortable 'living room' waiting area, a large dining table/conference table for us to use for lunch and team meetings, and individual work stations to focus on the daily work of designing!

You may have noticed the dark countertop on our desks in the old office - that absolutely had to go because you could see every little speck of dust and my brain couldn't take it! Now both countertops match, and it's a nice unifying element in the office. We kept our office chairs and white cabinets, and extended them to allow for more people as we grow!

Mounting the screens to the wall frees up so much table space and definitely helps with our posture. I highly recommend!

That mirror just makes me smile every day - it's just a great size and playful! I also love the little peek at the arches painted above every work station and those ceramic shade lights!

We signed a three year lease with this space, and I love that we have a big open floor plan that we can change as our firm needs change, and we can also rearrange to have more of a retail space later on, if that makes sense overall for the business.

These built in shelves were quite an undertaking to install, but it's all worth it in the end! We have plenty of decor to switch in and out as we install different projects, and we love a good styling exercise.

And you may be getting some sneak peeks at new MND pillows...stay tuned for some newness on the site!

Just to the right of camera in the photo below, the kitchen is still being finished! We had a bit of a leveling problem in that area of the office (this used to be a hair salon and the floor was sloped for water flow). Once that is done, we will definitely share that space, but I am happy to be working in a beautiful space again. We worked amidst boxes and half completed areas for months and months, and sometimes you forget how much a space can affect your mood and wellbeing.

Remember our house is under construction right now, so having one space relatively complete and calm has been so necessary!

Once the entire office is complete, we're definitely having a big party! Would you come over to celebrate with us?



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