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Our Favorite Ways to Add Texture

Texture is the easiest way to make a space look layered, purposeful, and dynamic. Not only does texture provide good visual interest, but you engage all of your senses when you vary the textures of the space. There is a fine line between texture that adds a lot to a space, and texture that isn't comfortable for everyday life. While there is a place for both scenarios, we find a lot of clients love the look. but don't know how far to go with texture. Today we'll showcase a few categories that can be infused with texture easily - you just have to commit and run with it!


Do we love textured lighting here! The shadows these pieces create give so much depth and surprise to a room in the evenings, and that is one aspect of texture that we love. The balance that is created by pairing chandeliers like the one above with sleek surfaces and walls gives a room the warmth that so many of us want in our homes. Lighting texture varies from rattan, rope, and cord to linen shades, capiz shells, or clay ceramics. There are so many options out there these days, and we urge you to think about lighting like jewelry - have fun! Most of us have recessed lighting or other overall lighting for a room, so any chandelier, sconce, or lamp is a chance to add surprise and ambiance to a room. Think outside of the box!


Don't assume your dressers, nightstands, consoles, or media cabinets have to be flat wood cabinet fronts! Layered wood drawer fronts have become more popular in recent years, and you see rattan, shagreen, leather, and stone being inlaid for these large storage pieces as well. We know that large pieces like this seem like a gamble, but keep in mind that once you commit to a complex furniture piece, everything else in the room has every right to be simple and minimal, and your project is much easier to pull together.


This is where texture can get a little more complicated. Textured chairs may look fabulous, but they are not always comfortable. A mix of textured back and an upholstered seat seems to be the happy medium for most clients. Also think about what fabric your chairs are upholstered in, and how busy it looks compared to the texture of your sofa, and your rug. Contrast is key, whether that means color, or a boucle fabric texture next to a sisal or wool rug, and velvet pillows on top of the boucle fabric. Maybe it's leather next to that boucle fabric sofa - keep the eye moving around the room, and engage all of your senses when you're sitting in a space!

If you're looking to add some texture in your space, whether it be with pillows and throws, or new chairs, lighting, or storage, we've got it all down below. Click on any item you're interested in and you can purchase straightaway, and be that much closer to a textural sanctuary in your home.

What's your favorite way to incorporate texture? Let us know in the comments - we'd love to know how you do it!



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