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Hope Ranch House Reveal Part 02

It's time to explore the primary suite of this fantastic home - I love how everything came together in the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. If you missed the first post, have a look at the entry, living, and dining rooms we debuted earlier this month. Then grab a drink and enjoy these photos, taken by the fabulous ladies at Public 311!

Primary Bedroom

Starting with the bedroom, we wanted to do a simple remodel for the fireplace. In keeping with the Mediterranean style of the house, the fireplace already had an arched opening, so all we really needed to do was remove the textured stucco coat and apply Roman clay. However, the quote for the Roman clay came back a bit higher than we were anticipating, so we had to come up with something new. We planned to still smooth it out to match the walls, and then we were going to paint or do a lime wash. Once we applied the smooth plaster coat though, it looked fantastic, so we convinced the installer that we liked it just the way it was, and here we are! You can tell that it continued to lighten up as the plaster dried out, but you can still see some of that movement and texture we were originally aiming for.

The clients are very wellness minded, so this bedroom is definitely a serene and calming retreat for them. You can see the ocean through those doors, so we brought those watery tones into the room to tie it all together.

Having a big chaise in here was also a priority because the kids frequently sneak in when they're sick and want to sleep with their parents in their bed. With this solution, everyone can get a bit more sleep throughout the night! Plus it's a perfect place to cozy up and read a book.

Whew, just take a look at that view. Who wouldn't want to wake up and see that every morning!?

Primary bathroom

Now this was the original closet in the primary suite, plus there was a decent size closet in the bathroom as well. It was way too much closet space... Well, at least for these clients! I'm still in awe of how gorgeous and minimal their closet turned out! Because of this, we decided to switch the closet and bathroom in the layout to give them a luxurious space for a standalone tub, walk in shower, and separate water closet.

Now that is a satisfying before and after shot, if there ever was one! We used micro reeded glass doors on the cabinet to the right, and closed white oak cabinets for linens and overflow storage on either side of each sink. An open shelf on the bottom keeps the vanity wall from being visually heavy as well.

I really love these special outlets that blend into the cabinetry too - this is one of those details that made a huge difference in the visual continuity of the entire bathroom! Doing this on the side of the cabinetry allowed the vanity wall space to stay clean too!

These white oak vanities are just gorgeous, and I love this tone paired with all the unlacquered brass plumbing - these will patina over time so gorgeously!

We had thought to install skylights in here, but the existing window was actually enough lighting for daytime use, and saved the client some money! We love the layered brass lighting on either side of the tub, mixed with the overhead sink pendants and wall sconces for makeup application. I would love to soak in that tub too - so gorgeous!!

The shower entry actually used to be a doorway that connected to another bedroom, so we closed that up and added this arched opening to tie in that detail from other design elements in the house. It was a bit tricky to get the arch just right, and the drywall transition to the wall looking seamless, but we love it!

The shower is a full wet room with this gorgeous limestone floor tile and zellige wall tile, and we incorporated a full bench, as well as a ledge above that and under the shower head. You'll see the ledges a lot more often in projects from us - they prove to be very functional for clients, and they're less of a headache than niches, especially for the tile installers! We're a big fan of the simple clean lines they allow.

I love the depth and texture of this tile so, so much!

Because there was so much extra space in the original layout, the architect had proposed creating a completely separate space for the water closet. I'd do this in every house if we had the space!

Primary Closet

The original bathroom could be a time capsule, right? It was interesting to note that there weren't any windows in the bathroom at all, just two small skylights. But this was plenty of space to work with for a closet!

The clients worked with California Closets for these built-ins, and we designed a custom island to make it all feel a little more refined. We did a rift sawn white oak countertop, with cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Yorktowne Green. As we mentioned before, these clients are wellness minded, so we avoided paints with high VOCs and other toxins too; check out Benjamin Moore's EcoSpec line if you're interested. Going with California Closets saved a bit on the budget as well, rather than doing full custom cabinetry throughout the closet.

I love this oversized wood framed full length mirror too - full outfit check every time!

The top drawers of the island work really well for jewelry storage, watches, and other small items, and deeper drawers on the bottom can store bigger sweaters and other folded items.

Now, you might think this is a staged closet, but I am truly inspired by how much she has been able to edit her wardrobe! We shifted a few things around for the shoot, but this is how her closet is every day - if only I could wake up to this.

Looking Forward

I can't wait to see what we do in a few years with the main spaces - I have a feeling that this house won't be even remotely recognizable in layout by then :) And I'm ecstatic to hear that they're all enjoying the house so much more now! Thank you to these kind clients for keeping in touch all these years and letting us bring this vision to life.

And thank you to our lovely designer, Tia Cardenas for all of her hard work on this project. This wasn't the first project that she worked on here at MND, but it was the one that proved to me that she is capable of so much. She's such a huge part of the team here, and we're so thankful to have her!



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