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Get to Know the Team

Thank you to Lindsey Drewes for this past office photo shoot!

If you're an avid Instagram follower of ours, you might have seen these two fabulous faces in posts this last month. I'm so thankful for these two ladies (more than they probably even fathom) and I thought it would be fun to do an interview style post introducing you all to Tara and Patty. Let's see what they think about working for MND and how they spend their off time - scroll through to get to know both of them!

First up is Tara, my amazing design assistant! ⁣

She's been with us for about 9 months now, and they have absolutely flown by with how busy we have been. She started here as an intern, fresh out of school after receiving her degree from San Diego State University. Her first week was spent helping build out our studio space during the hottest week of the year and it has been so fun to see how quickly she has learned and stepped into her role.⁣

Tara helps keep me sane, but also keeps me on my toes with all her sass. All in all we are so thankful to have her on the team!

Learn a little more about Tara below:

ML: What's your go-to drink of choice?

TB: Everyday drink is water. For brunch, it's mimosas. For lunch or dinner, margaritas!

ML: What is the best item you've purchased in the past 3 months?

TB: A new pair of Birkenstocks (because my old pair NEEDED to be thrown out and replaced), since sandals are all I wear, being from Southern California!

ML: Where do you love spending your Saturday?

TB: With friends at the beach, on a hike, or at the mall!

ML: What's your personal home style?

TB: California Casual, Modern Farmhouse, and Rustic.

ML: How did you get into interior design?

TB: As a little girl, I used to beg my dad to help me redesign my room, on a yearly basis. Always painting the walls new colors, changing the flooring (thankfully we own a flooring company or that wouldn't have been an option) and adding pieces to the walls to help the space feel "new and different." With a family of general contractors, I just felt like it was in my blood to be creative but never realized it could be a profession until about 4 years ago!

ML: What is your favorite part of working for Madison Nicole Design?

TB: My favorite part about working for MND is being in a very supportive, collaborative, challenging (in a good way), yet also enjoyable work environment. With having less than 2 months of Interior Design "real world" experience (thanks to the pandemic), I didn't quite know what to expect going into the field after college. Madison has been an amazing mentor, boss, and friend who I know I can talk to with just about everything! Also love the new people I have met, and new places I have been to thanks to the job!

Next up is Patty, the newest member of our team!

Born + raised in LA, she’s always been drawn to Southern California’s rich + diverse architecture, and Spanish Revival design is her favorite. She's got a degree in business, and enrolled in the same interior design program at UCLA that I did (a few years back now).

Patty is so eager to learn, and always keeps me on track and makes sure I don't forget one of the many things on my daily to-do lists! She's only been here 2 months but she has been a wonderful addition!

Learn a little more about Patty below:

ML: What's your go-to drink of choice?

PH: In the spring and summer, my go-to drink has to be the refreshing Paloma cocktail! If we are talking about something non-alcoholic, then a matcha milk tea.

ML: What is the best item you've purchased in the past 3 months?

PH: I love this simple yet super cute initial necklace! It makes a great gift too.

ML: Where do you love spending your Saturday?

PH: Hiking in the morning, then eating out at a new restaurant in the evening.

ML: What's your personal home style?

PH: Transitional! It's simply timeless to me.

ML: How did you get into interior design?

PH: Growing up I have always known that I wanted to work in a creative profession. Deep down I knew interior design was my passion.

ML: What is your favorite part of working for Madison Nicole Design?

PH: Hands down all the laughs we have in the office! :)

She wasn't wrong - we do laugh a lot (even during photo shoots)! I can't wait to see what we accomplish together in 2021, and I'm very humbled to be leading such promising talent in the design industry. Thank you ladies for being committed to the vision of this company, and keeping me on top of everything we do every week - I'm so grateful!



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