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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space in 2023

Happy New Year friends!! We wish you well as we all return to work and school today.

Who's on team holiday-decor-down-before-the-New-Year? Even if you haven't gotten everything all put away yet, I know I can feel like the house looks bare and maybe a bit off once all of the decor comes down. Today we're sharing a few quick ideas for updating the look of the house to make it feel fresh and new once the holidays are over!

Switching pillows is the easiest way to make a space feel totally different! Textures, a new color scheme, different patterns, and a variety of sizes can completely transform a space. Don't forget banquettes and solo accent chairs in addition to your big sofas and sectionals! You can also grab all of your pillows from throughout the house and see if you can make new combinations with what you have before you look to shop for new additions.

We've added a bunch of new pillows into the shop if you're looking for new options, so have a look and maybe find some new favorites!

Here's a look at a few of our pillows in our office shop to give you ideas about pattern pairings!

New plants and florals quite literally bring more life into a space! I love how sculptural plants can be, depending on branch shape, leaf shape, and the overall arrangement. If you want an arrangement to last a bit longer, go for greens over full florals, and change the water every day with lukewarm water for either option!

Don't forget about fresh towels in the bathrooms as well! If you're like us, towels stay around a bit too long in our house, so let's refresh them all together! Nothing is better than fresh towels. Donate your old set to a local animal shelter if you can - the pups love them!

The same goes for your art pieces! Consider pulling your small ones off the shelves or the walls and gathering them together, and then choosing new placements for them in your home. If you like the arrangement you have already in terms of their frames, switching photos or prints out is another way to change the look of a shelf moment.

Will you implement any of these decor changes in the new year? Let us know in the comments, or tag us @madisonnicoledesign on Instagram to show us your updates!



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